VOTS TALKS - The new series from Villain of the Story

In this new podcast / YouTube series both Cody & Christian will be doing a live stream every Thursday night from 7pm - 7:30pm (CST) to hang out and talk about things on our minds.

Whether it be discussing plans with Villain of the Story or sharing thoughts on other bands/songs, we will be there to simply hang with you guys, take questions, & have good conversation!



Over time we hope to even bring on some guests/fans from the live streams! This is something we're really excited about, hope to see you on the first episode TONIGHT at 8pm central! (future streams will be at 7pm)

-Christian & Cody

-we will go live on both the Villain of the Story Facebook & Instagram accounts at 7pm (central timezone)

-we show you guys a 30 second preview of a song we both enjoy (hopefully you'll discover some cool bands over time! We plan to do this every week.) 

-once people are tuning in, we spend the first 5-10 minutes discussing what the band is currently up to behind the scenes to keep you guys updated

-then we'll look to the live comments & just have a good conversation with you guys about music or anything that may come up even if it's outside the realm of music!


-After the stream is over, we'll edit together both the audio & the footage we're shooting from different angles to create a video for our YouTube channel.


-If you ever miss the live stream this is how you can still watch it! Even if you don't want to watch the live streams you'll still be able to watch an edited (more professional looking) video after the fact.